Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello 2012!

Being that it's a new year I decided I would start a blog for our's been on the to do list for several years...better late than never, right?!  Well technically I'm early b/c it's only January still. :)

The girls are doing great, each growing and learning new things every day and becoming their own unique Sanchez Sister.  Mia is 5 and a half and loving Kindergarten.  We have been so blessed with a wonderful teacher which has made our first public school experience so enjoyable.  I'm very thankful for you Mrs. Aelvoet!  Sofia is excited that in two months she'll be 4.  She is really such a funny little girl.  She loves being silly and making all of us laugh.  I'm not sure where exactly she got that from!  Gianna has had a rough couple of months with all of her ear infections.  She got her tubes in December and was doing a lot better until this week when she got another ear infection!  ugh!  I pray this too shall pass and she'll be better soon.  The best thing about her is she loves to flash that big, happy smile even when not feeling good.  We count our blessings every day and thank God for our precious daughters!

Robert and I started our weight loss journey in October and have revamped our lifestyles and now crave working out and eating healthy.  I'm so happy with our weight loss results and the fact that we both need new wardrobes!  R lost 25 lbs and I have lost 38 and counting.  I have about another 10 I want to lose.  Fracturing my foot on the 2nd was not part of my workout plan but luckily I am so in the grove that my great eating habits are here to stay an I have even lost 1 more pound while sitting in bed for the last 3 weeks.

This month has been very trying with my injury and not being able to walk but I know this too shall pass and before I know it I'll be back to my normal busy self.  2012 can only look up from here right?!

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